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It is very unfortunate for the ummah that some people say that technology and Islam are two different things that can never mix together. Their statement is as if Islam rejects all form of technology. This article is aimed to show how technology can actually bring you closer towards seeking the right path.

You bring it with you wherever you go (if you have one, that is). It’s your own personal entertainer; singing, talking, or even reading to you…


The portable digital audio player (“DAP”) (more commonly known to you and I as the “MP3 player”) first appeared on the market more than 10 years ago, when the South Korean company SaeHan Information Systems introduced its “MPMan” player for domestic sales. The players were then licensed to Eiger Labs which distributed them to the American market, and has since seen popular worldwide use. From school kids to university lecturers, from farmers to CEO’s, law or engineering students, nearly everyone has them.

Know How

We know they can do all things multimedia nowadays, but do you actually know what makes them tick? No? You can find out here, but here’s the gist of it. Just the slightest bit of tech-knowledgey here…

You have the hardware such as batteries, storage, user interface and display, which you can handle, and these mostly influence the device specs. They determine how ‘wow’ the gadget is. The storage for example, can either be solid-state/flash memory or hard-disk based. Solid-state types are normally smaller, but use less power than hard-disk based storage. The batteries could be disposable alkaline or integrated Li-Ion rechargeable.

“Oh, is that a 32MB DSE MP3 player? Mine’s an 8GB iPod…” (o_0)

The software processes all the data into enjoyable streams of sound or video, and adds functionality to the device, like clocks, organizers and image handling capabilities.

Interesting, huh? All those parts coming together to form a single end product.

Make USE?

You know, we should always make it a point to understand the technology we use everyday, even if only superficially, so that we do not remain just a dependent end user, being overly proud of owning the flashy end-product of somebody else’s hard work. For you see, we should instead gain knowledge and skills for ourselves so that we can improve the living conditions of our community [read: ummah], in whatever way we can.

But How?

Well, let us take the MP3 Player example. Now you can get nifty digital Qur’an readers or personal Islamic media players with all the essential software you need as a young Muslim on the go, like:

  • Holy Qur’an,
  • Authentic Hadeeth narrations
  • Prayer times and qiblah direction
  • Islamic calendar, and many more…

Ah… Isn’t reassuring that this can always be by your side? Trying to memorize chapters of the Qur’an? No problem… Read and learn through repetition. What did the Prophet S.A.W say about this issue? Just search from the digital library…


So again, let us leave the rank of the end users, and engineer our own products and services. Like great Muslim figures before us, we will benefit from the knowledge and experience (and also get greater rewards if done sincerely), while others will appreciate the convenience it brings about for them.

Or at least, once we understand what great uses we can put it to, and avoid misusing it; the device will be a means to bring us closer to the straight path in life.

See now, Ibadah is not only praying and fasting etc. In fact, whatever you do, when you do it to seek the blessing of Allah, it is Ibadah. However when you do something, that you know can’t be considered as seeking the blessings of Allah (listening to songs with bad lyrics) , that is called Al-Hawa; which is condemned in the Quran. Thus, it must be avoided.


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